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My name is Daniela Kent and I teach Junior English (College and Advanced Prep) in addition to coaching teachers through our new textbook adoption and technology integration. I currently have a 21st century technology pilot classroom, which has provided me with great insight in classroom design and technology implementation.

When I am not at school, you can find me working out, raising two boys, and discovering new technology. I am also a huge digital information consumer, hoping to grow my own influence in the edtech and fashion communities.

Let’s set some trends!

Google Forms to Proofread/Revise Essays

Tech this out, trendsetters!

Every essay I assign, I try to make students more autonomous in the proofreading/quality control area and this last in-class essay was no exception. Dreams of Thanksgiving vacation danced in their heads, so naturally the idea of proofreading went by the wayside. Cut to me grading essays in the first few days of break. NOT HAPPY with what I saw. So, I kicked it back to students to proofread their work in an effort to allow them another chance to revise their work before I grade it. One of my favorite tools, Google Forms, always saves the day.

I assigned the form through google classroom and returned the essays they submitted. In a side-by-side window, students worked on each step (on their essay) the form prompted them to complete. If they needed more explanation on an item, a video, or screencast I made would be available in the form for them to watch (MLA formatting is always a good refresher to throw in there).

I took a look at a few and I was pleased with their outcome, much more than I was during vacation. I'll link the form if you would like to make a copy for your own writing assignments.

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