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My name is Daniela Kent and I teach Junior English (College and Advanced Prep) in addition to coaching teachers through our new textbook adoption and technology integration. I currently have a 21st century technology pilot classroom, which has provided me with great insight in classroom design and technology implementation.

When I am not at school, you can find me working out, raising two boys, and discovering new technology. I am also a huge digital information consumer, hoping to grow my own influence in the edtech and fashion communities.

Let’s set some trends!

Listening to #EdTech Podcasts while Working Solo

My friend Pam (shout out PAMIP!) told me yesterday that I "must have more hours available in [my] day... That or [I] don't sleep". And, while one of those statements is true (I don't get as much sleep as I should), I try to maximize my time awake. Here's one of those tricks to maximize my time...

One of the nerdy things I like to do during my prep period (or grading, or TOSA time) is to listen to podcasts while I work. For those that are able to juggle two stimuli at the same time-- this is for you! Sometimes, I need pure silence (or music without words) while working but in the times that I am able to entertain two mediums, I like to listen to edtech podcasts while working. I find that I can open another tab, click on whatever the subject matter is and play a little in the new material. This keeps me updated on all things tech while I am assembling a presentation, planning, or grading a few papers... Just a tip to maximize your time!

Some of my favorite podcasts for keeping up to date with Google add-ons:

Google Teacher Tribe with Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook!) and Kasey Bell (Shake-Up Learning).

TOSAs Talking Tech - Tim Covington and Michael Jephcott, great for TOSAs in Technology (also can search categories)

Instructional Tech Talk - Jeff Herb makes access to technology simple for both teachers and administrators. Pretty cool stuff, hoping he posts more soon!

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