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My name is Daniela Kent and I teach Junior English (College and Advanced Prep) in addition to coaching teachers through our new textbook adoption and technology integration. I currently have a 21st century technology pilot classroom, which has provided me with great insight in classroom design and technology implementation.

When I am not at school, you can find me working out, raising two boys, and discovering new technology. I am also a huge digital information consumer, hoping to grow my own influence in the edtech and fashion communities.

Let’s set some trends!



Summertime for teachers always means getting rid of things before classrooms are cleaned, redecorated, and rejuvenated for next year's classes. Therefore, I find it appropriate to purge a lot of digital resources, emails, and the like to not only restore my focus, but my storage capacity. After listening to Angela Watson's podcast on tips and tricks for digital organization, I am ready to clean up my district gmail as well as my iPhone's notification of 8, 251 emails! GAH! 


For such an OCD person, I am appalled that I let myself go this far into the depths of disorganization. It is time for an intervention. This must end! How do you keep your phone/email organized, without notifications of thousands of notifications?

Creating a Personalized .GIF theme in Google Classroom

Creating a Personalized .GIF theme in Google Classroom