Back to School 2018

Pushing your cart through Target, you admire the summer clothes, Fourth of July decorations, and the La Croix stackup. Ahhhhh, summer. Such a joyous time: you've watched Netflix, you've read books your normally wouldn't have time to read, you've had just enough of your kids, you've organized your home, you've awakened by the sun's rays, not an iPhone alarm... Everything's golden, including your tan. 

But then... as your cart rounds the corner to the back of the store where you are accosted with the gigantic yellow pencil above you, swaying in the a/c's current, the eraser bins, white board markers, and post-it notes alert you. It hits you like a ton of composition books: SUMMER IS OVER. 

You want to stop dead in your white-Birkenstocked tracks, but then you remember-- this is your SEASON! Teaching is your JAM! You got THIS! Hey, if you can't get inspired with that, think of school supplies, your new classroom resolve, and maybe some cute outfits? That always gets me through. 

Check out my Instastories for the outfits I styled for each highlighted piece.

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Engagement is what we desire from our students— it all begins with your outfit. 
— Daniela Kent
First Day of School? YES PLEASE!

First Day of School? YES PLEASE!

The Black and White Dress

This is certainly what I am going to wear the first day of school. It is comfortable, feminine, and flattering. What I love most about it is its versatility. You can wear it through multiple seasons and right now, it is on sale for $49.50 at LOFT. See link below. 


The Polka Dot Pant

[Subtly] Spice up your wardrobe with a basic black pant, with an amazing fit. Add a smattering of sweet, white polka dots and you're good to go for so many outfits that are not boring! See how I paired it together with an #Nsale tee and some pink flats! 


Marigold Peplum Halter Top

OOOOoooooHHHHhhhhh the possibilities with this top! Work. Play. It's all in how you address it. I paired it with a trouser pant from LOFT (linked here) with your choice of two cheetah print sandals OR the mustard #Nsale Vince Camuto slides. Great prices for a pulled together look that is effortless and sophisticated. If you need a more conservative look, pair this with a light sweater or cotton blazer to keep it tailored yet cool. 

The Jersey Tie Skirt

This is so cozy! It is like wearing jammies, in a tailored pencil skirt. See how I styled it in my Instastory highlight. Click on the image to shop and don't forget that discount code for 40% off: LOVEIT. 

Chambray Wrap Top

This wrap top! Uuuuuuh! I love this! White pants, black pants, colored pants, pencil skirts, the pairings are incalculable! See how I styled it, but more importantly-- click and purchase. Or find something similar in your closet to inspire a new look for the new year!