Teeth Whitening for the Coffee Addict


2019 offers a new, fresh opportunity for a better you. As cliche as it sounds, the new year invigorates us to renew ourselves or start regimens that improve our well-being. As we all make our lists of self-improvements, make a beautiful smile at the top of that list. A beautiful smile is one small goal for self-improvement that makes a huge difference in your total look, which improves your total feel. In fact, a bright white smile it is the best accessory a person can wear, trust me, it makes the outfit! Therefore, proper oral care is an important self-care regime of mine that yields a bright, brilliant smile. However, I have a few vices that impede that flawless smile: coffee and wine.

In fact, “our teeth absorb the colors of our food through microscopic pores every day” (SmileBrilliant) and since  I am certainly not going to give those up, so I had to find something that fits into my lifestyle, my schedule, my budget and was also effective. Enter SmileBrilliant, a customized teeth whitening system that is guaranteed to whiten with professional results (at home!) without wasting my time or money.

I decided to try it out with my husband, a skeptic, who after whitening his teeth before our wedding, experienced severe pain from the light treatment he endured at the dentist’s office. As a business owner, he is often the first face his customers see when they learn about his company, and as handsome as he is, he needed a little boost to those coffee-stained chompers. I convinced him to try this program and he agreed.

After doing a lot of research on it, I worked with one of the SmileBrilliant experts to customize molded trays that were identical to our own teeth. I received the package and began to mix the putty, put the tray in my mouth and after a minute or two, I let them dry and sent them off in the prepaid post envelope. In less than a week, I received my gel trays and they fit me perfectly!

We started that night, the gel was effective after the first application. Following the whitening gel, we did the desensitizer gel for about 15 minutes and this is a gel that helps close the pores of the teeth faster to reduce any sensitivity and to prevent any stains from porous teeth after gel. This is the step that set them apart from the rest of the gels I considered.

We continued the next night and experienced a little sensitivity, so we did more desensitize gel and waited a day in between whitening. A little sensitivity is normal when trying to remove stains on teeth from years prior. In fact, it alerts me to the fact that it’s working, but I love that they take the extra step to close the pores and prevent new stains.

As the weeks passed, we lacked the consistency we once had upon starting the regimen, the holidays and travel got in the way, as did [more] red wine and [way more] coffee… but we jumped back in and resumed our whitening schedule (every other night). I have not noticed any sensitivity, and in fact, I mixed the whitening gel and a little de-sensitizing gel in the tray together to speed up the time a little and I found it to be pretty effective. I have found that I am also using this as a weight loss technique after all the late night grazing of holiday goodies. I brush after dinner, apply the whitening gel, de-sensitizing gel, then prep for bed. I like it when there are built-in bonuses like that!

I am very pleased with the level of whiteness I achieved with Smile Brilliant, and I will certainly continue the program to keep my smiley accessory in brilliant order. As with any self-care regimen, it is best to assess your progress and continue the treatment periodically.

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using SmileBrilliant


After 6 applications

Getting whiter and brighter!



About 12 applications