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My name is Daniela Kent and I teach Junior English (College and Advanced Prep) in addition to coaching teachers through our new textbook adoption and technology integration. I currently have a 21st century technology pilot classroom, which has provided me with great insight in classroom design and technology implementation.

When I am not at school, you can find me working out, raising two boys, and discovering new technology. I am also a huge digital information consumer, hoping to grow my own influence in the edtech and fashion communities.

Let’s set some trends!

A few things I am LOVING for Summer 2018

These gorgeous, simple statement earrings from Amazon. $10! You can't beat that with a bat! There are SO many colors to choose from and they're lightweight and so flirty. I have a few colors already... Stock up for fun birthday gifts, bridal favors, etc.!


You all know how much I love clogs... Well, here is a pair by one of my favorite contemporary shoemakers: Matisse, found at Free People. You're seriously going to want a pair in every color, I sure do! 

This bathing suit (by Cupshe, available through Amazon Prime) is out-of-control flattering on everyone I have seen it on, including me! I am so insecure about wearing a bathing suit, especially when with kids and this supports, looks hot, and won't create too funky of tan lines. I am linking more. 

Check this one out, too! Same situation through Amazon Prime: the best arrangement EVER!


Summer School Style Series Day #17

Summer School Style Series Day #17

Summer School Style Series Day #15

Summer School Style Series Day #15