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My name is Daniela Kent and I teach Junior English (College and Advanced Prep) in addition to coaching teachers through our new textbook adoption and technology integration. I currently have a 21st century technology pilot classroom, which has provided me with great insight in classroom design and technology implementation.

When I am not at school, you can find me working out, raising two boys, and discovering new technology. I am also a huge digital information consumer, hoping to grow my own influence in the edtech and fashion communities.

Let’s set some trends!

Summer School Style Series Day #17

Summer School Style Series Day #17

This morning my littlest one Cameron kept wanting me to hold him and I obliged, making me arrive juuuuuuust before the bell rang for class. Each day is getting harder and harder to get up for Summer School, just as it is for my students. I am trying to keep the spirits high, assigning high-interest, small chunks of text that are easily comprehended, but complex enough to fortify foundational skills for re-entry into the classroom. But, it's summer... And it's hard to compete with that bright, beautiful sunshine outside. 

Speaking of which, I can't wait to get back home and hold Cameron more and play with the  boys in the sun, pool, you name it. The time away from them makes me miss them and their wild ways. As long as I keep them outside, we'll (read: my house) might survive...

Today's outfit supports the leftover "blah" feeling I have from lack of working out and adherence to eating regimen. Usually I stay low-carb/keto, but I went a little off the rails this weekend. Now I am paying the price getting back on track. The great thing about this butterfly top is that it helps offset the belly bloat when paired with a skinny jean like this Madewell pair. There are so many shoe possibilities, with this top, I just decided to play up the Americana western-inspired strappy heel. I linked other possibilities I own that almost made it in the look today.

Now, go enjoy the sun! Click the links below to support my work in delivering my content to you. I appreciate your support and love having you here with me!


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Summer School Style Series Day #18

Summer School Style Series Day #18

A few things I am LOVING for Summer 2018